Program Application

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Conversion action Online purchase with processed valid payment
Cookie days 30 day(s)
Commission type Variable, depending on your 1 day(s) sales volume.
Base commission Starting at 10.00% and based on sales volume
Additional terms We only make commission payments over $100 If you do not reply to our email regarding payment within 30 days we assume that you no longer would like to be in the program. If you have not made 1 sale over 90 days, you will be removed from program Unauthorized coupons may not be used.

How the program works:

1. Email us at [email protected] for any questions about payment

  • Payouts are made through, to set up your account please email us with the subject line being "AFFILIATE PAYMENT SET UP".

2. Pay outs are made the 10th of every month.

  • In order to receive your payout, you must have a minimum of $100 in commission

Perks of being a Pure Relief Affiliate:

1. Commissions can increase after a certain amount of time and effort.

2. You will be given a unique discount code to promote sales (keep in mind, you can only receive commission if the person has used your link in the past 30 days). Please email [email protected] to have your exclusive Coupon Code Setup.

3. You can receive a free product every month when a sale has been made.

4. We provide you with exclusive content every two weeks.  

5. Direct contact with the Pure Relief team if you have any questions.

6. Be the first to know of our sales and new products.